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NEW!! Revive Your Relationship!


  • Do you need to repair or revive your relationship?
    Are you struggling to cope in your marriage or partnership?
    Are you finding it hard to imagine your future as a couple?
    Is being, or becoming parents causing a strain on your relationship?


  • Don’t waste any more time worrying - Book Now!!

Limited availability for a one-off personalised Session for Couples, held over 3 hours - and very different from any other marriage guidance (or pre-wedding meetings) or courses!

This is a unique opportunity for you both to spend some time together on your relationship - especially if your relationship is suffering post pandemic. Held in a comfortable setting in Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks, might this be the perfect opportunity to invest in your relationship by attending my custom designed session –unique to you!

Invest in Your Relationship!
We start out in love and with the best of intentions, but few of us receive any good relationship education. Our society focuses more on getting to a commitment, than on how to keep that commitment alive day after day, and year after year.
Do you ever feel that your partner speaks a different language to you?!
The quality of our childhood experiences can impact on our individual styles of communication, and affect the dynamics of our relationships.

  • Together, in your one-off bespoke 3-hour session, we will explore differences between you and your Partner which may be rooted in old patterns unknowingly brought into the relationship from your childhood -this deeper understanding will draw you closer as you decide together, how you and your partner will incorporate the positive characteristics from your families of origin - and leave behind the negative characteristics…. imagine that!

Good relationships are well balanced
Healthy relationships mean having the right amount of intimacy as a couple and the right amount of separateness as individuals. Both are important and yet you may have very different unspoken views about this. What does intimacy mean for you both? Intimacy is not just about sex! Intimacy can only truly flourish in a relationship where each partner is self-defined as> an individual, and comfortable with expressing their own feelings, beliefs, and interests – if we can achieve this for ourselves, it becomes easier then for each partner to be able to hear the other’s opinions or understand their actions or behaviours without having negative reactions. In your personalised 3-hour Session we’ll focus on exploring this. How do we stay connected when apart? This is a common question that we can address within our relationship revival workshop.

Know your desires and feelings- and speak up for them clearly
We often expect our partner to read our mind – this expectation alongside self-editing or second guessing are all common mistakes that leads to misery! It's a painful myth that our partner should know what we want and need. Together we’ll look at your own unique style of communicating and discover a more satisfying way to make sure you are heard- and also, that you are listening.

Understanding that love is not an absolute
Love can mean so many different things to each of us -it is a feeling that ebbs and flows and can depend on how you treat each other, and how that feels. Love isn’t a limited commodity that you are either in or out of, so if this is of importance to you, we will explore together new ways to interact within your 3-hour session. Couples often discover a new or stronger connection, where the good feelings come flowing back, and can even become stronger than before.

What can you expect from me as a Couples Therapist?
(Please note; this course is not for couples in crisis, but is designed for those who both want to improve or revive their relationship, or to underpin a relationship or marriage with new strength and understanding).

• I’m here to help you strengthen or develop your relationship – we’ll work together to improve specifically what matters to you.

• This is not a standardised ‘off the shelf’ course. Drawn from the information you provide to me, I help you to really understand the specific underlying causes of any relationship distress or concerns you may be feeling – together or individually. We will work collaboratively together to understand any negative patterns that play out between you and the roots of these issues, so that you can make changes together and avoid the same pitfalls going forwards.

• I will be inviting you to discuss key areas of your relationship which you both feel are important. I am there to guide you, so that we’ll be able to safely discuss each of your views -and maybe some that you may not have considered before. I will support you through any difficult discussions or subjects, respectfully helping to recognise and improve your patterns of communication, where helpful.

• Differences are actually part and parcel of any healthy relationship and with me, you will learn new skills to navigate, manage and celebrate your unique differences, to bring you closer together – and to perhaps become curious about the impact of sameness!

• We will discuss your individual goals and goals you have together, and explore ways to achieve a healthy balance.

What sets this course apart from other relationship courses or marriage/commitment preparation programmes?:

•This non-judgmental course is available to any couple in a primary relationship regardless of religion, age, culture, race or sexual

• The professional material and handouts are created and provided by the Founder & Director of the renowned Mayo Couples Counselling Service, Cate Heffernan

• Each session is held confidentially for just the two of you, and is unbiased. It is customised by me personally -unique and just for you

• A pre-assessment questionnaire allows you time to think about and reflect beforehand on different aspects of your unique relationship, and what you most need from this opportunity. Receiving this before your session allows me insight into where support and guidance is most needed, with plenty of time to reflect on how best to support each of you personally -and to support your relationship

• It’s an opportunity to talk about what bothers you, or to raise something that’s felt difficult to do on your own

• This is a one-off session – however, as a couple’s therapist, you have a safety net and you can always come back to me for couples counselling if you hit a rough patch, or periodic relationship check-ups, whenever you need

• You keep and can return to the questionnaires as a baseline document for many years to come

• I provide you with takeaway useful handouts and links to helpful resources as an ongoing guide if helpful – this keepsake is handy to refer to and helps to keep your relationship on track.


Book by March 30th 2024 to qualify for the exceptional price of £399!

(Full Cost resumes from April 1st 2024) 


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Uniquely You! - Colour and Style Personal Transformation

Personal Styling -with a difference!

Reclaim your inner beauty and re-discover your self-confidence! Refresh your wardrobe and revive your style!

  • Are you wondering why your make-up just doesn't seem to work anymore?
  • Do your clothes just not feel the same?
  • Have you found yourself feeling dull and invisible, following significant changes in your life?
  • Would you like to wear different colours and styles of clothing - but are not sure where to start?
  • Do you wonder why you can't wear a certain colour - such as red? -or why 'old favourites' just don't feel the same anymore?
  • Do you wish you could feel good about how you look, regardless of changes to your life?

Experiencing the reality of life and how we change inside and out, can impact significantly on how we feel about how we look......

Sue will confidentially explore with you the roots underneath your thoughts, followed by embarking on an enjoyable session with the opportunity to transform how you look and feel about yourself!

Together we will turn negative feelings into self-confidence, explore ways to reflect your own personality in your shopping choices - and, by applying a few quick and easy make-up tips, you will soon look and feel 10 years younger!


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Are YOU feeling confused, emotional, anxious or alone, as you go through the Menopause?

You're not alone -it's no surprise that the Menopause is known as 'The Change'! Managing any form of change can be difficult and confusing at times, but navigating through Menopause can feel as though your world has turned upside down!!

If you're approaching mid-life or you are in early or peri-menopause, it may help to know that many women experience feeling out of sorts, unusually emotional or suffer with unfamiliar feelings of anxiety or depression. This can be purely physical and hormonal and so it is always important to speak with your G.P. who can run simple tests and offer solutions- but complicated emotional feelings can also be as a result of 'unfinished business' from the past or your childhood, where emotions become stuck deep inside and emerge as your body changes.

Sometimes, it can also be that going through the menopause makes us aware of the aging process and can underline the realisation that where you are at in your life right now, is not where you really expected or planned to be! Years of caring for others, motherhood and/or working for others, can result in losing touch with who we are on the inside -or losing a sense of purpose for our lives.

First you have to work out: 'who exactly am I?!' And..... 'what exactly are my needs?' or..... ''what really matters to me?' or perhaps you keep hearing a quiet voice within, whispering....... 'don't I matter too?!'

You're not alone - I am right here, waiting to help you work this through.

Change doesn't always have to be negative -it can feel fulfilling too! The key to taking your first step towards making a positive change, is deciding to commit to spending some time getting to know yourself more fully - what makes you tick? what do you not speak up about? who get's under your skin -and why is no-one listening to you......?!

I promise that spending some time on yourself will result in achieving inner balance and a greater sense of well-being you may have longed for, for some time!

Take that first step and contact me now! I would love to support you as you step forwards to make sense of where your life is currently at - I will come alongside you to help you embrace and welcome the next chapter of your life!


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